About us

The only time we talk about us
rather than you

What is Secreate?
A creative events studio, making visionary ideas a reality. We don't just produce events, we create experiences.

Why us?
If you want your event to stand out from all other events you have hosted or attended, then Secreate is for you.
We can create your event from start to finish, or become an extension of your team as freelance creative consultants.

We listen carefully and interpret your requirements to ensure that we create something that is always on brand and on budget. Whether you would like to explore a world that we have already created, or you would like us to build your own unique vision, we will work with you side-by-side, in every step of the way.

The art of "anything is possible", flexibility and thinking outside the event industry box has been the culture of what we do.  When we put our name to a project, we guarantee an incredible impact. 

Our Services?
Venue Finding
Creative Design
Immersive Performances
Bespoke set design and decor
Flowers & Installations
Innovative Catering
Fine Wines & Cocktails
Technical Production
Lighting and sound
Guest Logistics 
Guest lists & RSVP
Online Ticketing & Management
Promotion & Marketing
Photography & Videography

Our HiStory?
For over 10 years we have been producing some of the most innovative events, not only for our clients, but also under our own umbrella of productions - the world famous 
Secret Brunch. The ability to host our own. frequent events, has allowed us to constantly build, experiment, 
push the boundaries, and experience what it is like to be the client ourselves.

What type of events do we do?
From a private party, product launch to a corporate event. Whether you wish to entertain your friends, staff, or give your clients an experience to remember. From 100 to 2000 capacity. Tell us your vision and let us build your fairytale.


Who are our typical clientele?
International brands with art, fashion and creativity at their core. Visionaries, and outside of the box thinkers. The bold, the fantasy lovers and the shock factor believers.

How do we make it happen?
We are a one stop shop in it's truest definition, managing every aspect of your event from start to finish. 

Our success is measured by how well we achieve your objective. Therefore it is fundamental to understand what it is you want to achieve and ensuring that we design the event accordingly. You will then have a choice to either build your event around one of our pre-curated worlds, or commission us to build a whole new experience specifically for you.

A clear roadmap on how we intend to achieve your objectives, and using our experience to ensure that your event is perfectly planned.


We have been scouting venues since 2009. Therefore we pretty much have every type of venue in London covered! This enables us to quickly find and recommend a space that is suitable to your requirements. Our ongoing relationship also allows us to bring down the costs and negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. 

Every little detail matters. Our experience in working on a huge number of events in variety of venues allows us to better anticipate what could wrong and put the correct measures in place to fix it before it is too late. 


Your health and safety and the health, and safety of those attending or working on the events is our number one priority. Therefore we take extensive measures to ensure that your event is fully risk assessed, and that all correct health and safety measures are put into place. 

We will cast and manage all actors, performers, musicians, dancers, DJ's etc that are required for your event.


To ensure that your objectives are delivered to the highest standards, we will manage all of your requirements for AV, lighting, sound, decor, theming and costumes.



We can help manage your communication with attendees, prior, during and after the event. Whether it is simple communication or marketing of the event itself. We can work as an extension of your team.

We offer full media solution with each event. Your event can be photographed, then edited and shared with you to the highest standard. We can also offer full videography, with an edited short film of your event, to the music of your choice. 

We work with reputable caterers, bar providers and restaurants, who we often use at our own in-house events. Therefore they have been extensively vetted, with a track record of providing the the highest standards and service.

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