The Secret

Blending formal, regal occasion with a twist of modern, relevant element is a test we’ve passed many times.   


The Creation

Taking place at one of the most grand and regal settings in the heart of London, guests travelled back in time to unravel the deep secrets of an old Mansion. Dotted across multiple rooms we immersed in uncovering a long-standing tale. 


Greeted by a footmen with tray service by the grand staircase, guests were whisked away to the food quarter for a selection of handpicked bites. The finest cocktails were available in the Estate Room, Gin & tonics inside the Knight's room, wine at the ladies parlour and whiskey in the Gentlemen's room. Live Classical performances spread across the rooms, leaving everyone spellbound through rich and weighted sounds.


As the mystery unravelled, we shifted into modern musical direction that swiftly saw everyone on the dancefloor.


Romance/ Fantasy

Key features

Ideation & Crafted concept design


Historic Venue

Classical Entertainment

White Glove Service

Black tie

Immersive theatre

Interactive games

Table service

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