The Secret

Mindfulness isn’t only a growing trend but is rapidly becoming a fundamental pillar to sustaining a dynamic lifestyle. Exploring the movement, we brought to life a curation that provided a heart-opening experience, through a somewhat spiritual journey. 


Building brand relevance while optimising a significant cultural tendency was elemental to our delivery. Creating a natural environment with a free spirited atmosphere served as a foundation to brief execution.


The Creation

Inspired by the vibes of Tulum and sounds of the Saharan deserts, we crafted an escapism that infused positivity and provided grounds for spiritual release. 


We whisked guests away from the concrete jungle into a subdue zen garden hidden in the heart of London. Our innovative experience provided a blend of rejuvenating yoga flows complemented by a fusion of mystical nomadic music under the sun. While yoga nourished the soul, carefully crafted brunch dishes refuelled the body for the remainder of the experience. We exclusively crafted a musical direction that elevated as the day moved on, re-awakening a sense of adventure and a feeling of gratitude.



Key features

Ideation & Crafted concept design

Experience flow

Theme implementation

Guests logistics

Musical direction


Food curation

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