Ali Mahdavi is the driving force behind
curation of unconventional live experiences.

Often recognised as thought-provoking, Ali’s work attracts comments and debates through craft, artistry and relentless eye for detail. 


For a decade he has been bringing to life visionary curations, emblematic to the creative industry. Public examples of his work include Secret Brunch, a platform which often provides grounds for self-expression and immersive experimentation. Gripping live audiences into sensory storytelling.


Acknowledging and embedding the power of a secret into our creations, have made Secreate Studio the go-to choice for discerning global clientele.

Ali is responsible for every aspect of design and curation, as well as art direction, digital media, photo and video edit.

The art of "anything is possible", hunger for reinvention and thinking outside the box is ingrained in our DNA. Every single project delivered by The Studio is a unique, made-to-measure experience, promising to captivate even the most sceptical of audiences.


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