T H R E E  K I N G D O M S


Historic Drama/ Epic Fantasy



Key features

Ideation & Crafted concept design

Experience flow

Visual Installations

Venue(s) sourcing 

Three-part storyline

Film adaptation 

Multi-sensory immersion

Niche talent sourcing

Theatrical production

Food & beverage personalisation

The Secret

We developed a new, unconventional concept of delivering an experience by focusing on longevity, storytelling and adventure. An epic saga consisting of three individual episodes took guests on a mythical journey. Unveiling a truly immersive experience, Three Kingdoms showcased a blend of film adaptation, spiritual relevance and gripping narrative.


The Creation

The curation ran with an overarching story where new kingdoms were discovered, empires were built and noble kings and queens ruled far and wide. Executed across three different dates, each of the three volumes unravelled a sub-story of the tale leading up to the grand finale. 

Each chapter engulfed through its own characterful elements, seamlessly yet intriguingly hinting onto what’s to come when we unveil the next volume of the saga. Three-part immersive theatre, multi-sensory touchpoints, lavish banquets and exceptional technical production captivated through this exclusively crafted masterpiece.

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